Why Should We Rely on Event Planners for Audience Engagement

The Event Brew crew is handling a complicated subject today; a point most event planners have pondered over the most recent two years. Now is the right time to discuss crowd commitment on occasion stages. When it comes to using event technology to increase audience engagement, event professionals are divided. Some swear by it, while […]

Trends and Challenges in Planning a Conference and Corporate Events

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You can create a successful conference by taking corporate event planning trends into account. Attendees will be drawn to your event based on their previous experiences. As a result, you should consider the most popular event types and topics. Before they can spend corporate money on tickets or participate as an organization representative, potential attendees […]

Exhibitions Company in Saudi Arabia

About Welkin Exhibitions: Welkin Exhibitions company in Saudi Arabia is one of the leading event and exhibition production companies in Saudi Arabia, with strong suites of commercial art, execution, and customer-centricity. We specialize in transforming empty spaces into an appealing and operational host for your dream event by utilizing creative ideas. We provide complete event […]

Exhibition companies in Dubai

Despite the fact that Exhibition companies in Dubai are typical events, the concept of an exhibition is broad and incorporates a wide range of variables. Exhibitions can range in size from a massive event like a World’s Fair to a small one-artist solo show or a single-item display, and they are all important. Along with […]

شركات تنظيم المعارض والمؤتمرات في الرياض

التعاقد مع شركات تنظيم المعارض والمؤتمرات في الرياض أصبحت من أهم الركائز الأساسية لكل الكيانات والمؤسسات الآن، فمن الصعب أن تجد خطة تسويقية خالية من إقامة مؤتمر أو إيفينت تتحدث فيه الشركة عن منتج من منتجاتها أو خدمة من خدماتها أو لأي غرض ما تريده. شركة ويلكن تقدم لك خدمات تنظيم الفعاليات والمؤتمرات في السعودية، […]

شركات تنظيم المعارض والفعاليات في دبي

شركة ويلكن تعد من أفضل شركات تنظيم المعارض والفعاليات في دبي خبرة 6 سنوات، حيث نضع شركتك في المقام الأول، ونهتم بالتفاصيل بدقة وبكفاءة، بغض النظر عن النطاق والحجم، نحرص على تحقيق أهدافك الاستراتيجية، كما نعمل بناءً على خطة شاملة لضمان تسليم الحدث بالوقت المحدد، وبالميزانية المتفق عليها، تواصل معنا الآن واترك الباقي لنا. كصاحب […]

A Pre-Planning Guideline for all Event Planners in Dubai (Part 2)

We are still discussing the event planner’s first thrust to start the race to successfully organize an event in Dubai. In part 1 of the article, we have listed 4 event purposes which need to be defined in the planning phase to achieve event success.   Awareness, appreciation, marketing & launch. Now we will guide […]