A lot can go wrong when planning a show-stopping exhibition stand. It is easy to lose track of tasks, slip up, and make mistakes. The good news is that mistakes can be avoided with the proper knowledge, preparation, and support. We’re here to show you how to avoid common blunders and make your expo a success.

Nothing beats an exhibition stand for promoting your business or increasing brand awareness in high-traffic areas. Welkin Events is one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Dubai. Providing stand designs for trade shows and exhibition stands in Dubai, Dubai’s largest business hub.

What are the Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

If something goes wrong, not only will your brand’s image suffer, but the entire event could be a waste of time and resources. Because so much money is at stake, it makes sense to be aware of the most common blunders made by exhibitors. Keeping these pitfalls in mind can mean the difference between a successful and a disappointing show. As the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai let us tell point out some of the mistakes that people do in expos.

A Lack of Planning

An exhibition, like any other aspect of your business, requires clearly defined objectives, a strategy for achieving them, a solid game plan, and a contingency plan should everything else fail, or else you will go straight from strategy to failure. Without a solid game plan, your show presence will lack focus and cohesion, and you will lack a standard against which to measure success.


What are your targets? What number of leads would you like to produce? What does achievement resemble you? Setting an objective will assist with spurring your group and ensure everybody is making progress toward a similar objective. It’ll likewise make assessing the result far more straightforward.


How would you mean to draw in guests to your stand? What sort of offers will you use? What’s more, how would you intend to arrive at your targets? Every component of your career expo presence ought to contribute toward accomplishing your occasion objectives. As the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai, our in-house group of experienced experts will set up a stand under the direction of our specialists.

Competitor Analytics

Understanding what you’re up against can help you highlight your advantages and disadvantages. Try to learn about the show style of your competitors by investigating who is exhibiting. Predicting what products they will showcase would be even better.


Your exhibition costs may be managed, if you settle for the least expensive space, hold back on the show stand plan and fabricate or over and over reuse old materials. Guarantee to inquire as to whether it will merit reputational harm? You should ensure that exchange shows get the spending plan they merit. They’re interested in another business; you will profit from the new leads when they come in.

Poor Stand Placement 

A visitor’s subconscious evaluation of your booth design can make or break their decision to visit. It is a mistake to assume that your brand or product will naturally shine through, regardless of how it appears. You must present the best and most thoughtful exhibition booth design in Dubai, and to do so, you can hire the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai, such as Welkin, to present your product.

Avoid Using Inappropriate Graphics in Branding

The majority of the graphics used at exhibition stalls are part of a larger branding scheme. Fading prints, low-quality media, and crumpled vinyl are the most common graphics in branding errors found at exhibition stands. When all of these errors are combined, they completely ruin the appearance of your exhibition stall. The ideal situation to avoid all of these errors is to get high-resolution print on light-weighted media from the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai such as welkin, which makes your exhibition stands in Dubai highly professional and stand out from your competitors.

Ingenious Giveaways

At exhibitions, freebies are everywhere, so giving out generic pens is a sure way to waste money. Before giving away a promotional item, make sure it is relevant to your business to strengthen your brand’s connection. Furthermore, almost each stand that delegates visit offers promotional freebies so plans ahead of time. And if you are confused about your giveaways you can contact Welkin Events exhibition stand builder in Dubai, since we also provide corporate giveaways.

Excessive Testing will only Muddle Your Brand’s Message

The primary principle of branding messages in advertising is to keep them short and simple. Thus, even on exhibition stands, the branding message should be brief and to the point, clearly stating the company’s vision and idea. Avoid stuffing the booth’s display with too many texts because visitors can’t read the entire thing in the limited time they have. Keep your message clear, simple, and simple for the audience to understand.

Insufficiently Trained Personnel

The most common blunder at trade shows is employing untrained or unqualified personnel. Nobody wants to do business with a company that appears unprofessional or disorganized, so why take the risk?

You can hire the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai, such as Welkin, who have professionally trained staff to handle your expo. Furthermore, your sales representatives must be energized, confident, and enthusiastic about your product. Make it a point to explain how you expect your team to act on the stand. Make it a point to prohibit food and cell phones, and to emphasize the type of body language that welcomes visitors.

Not Interacting with Visitors to Collect Leads

Expos are an excellent way to make contacts for future sales and business opportunities. You may not be gathering leads because your method of approach is inappropriate for the demographic, or you may not have one at all. Take the initiative! Engage attendees by educating them on your brand, sharing your company vision, and asking them about theirs. Visitors to your stand should exchange business cards and contact information. Avoid speaking with the same prospect for an extended time; you can easily follow up with them later. Keep a tray or glass bowl nearby for people to leave their business cards.

Failure to Market Your Presence

Too many exhibitors place their faith in the famous adage, “If you build it, they will come.” Visitors are never guaranteed, so don’t leave it to chance; instead, take advantage of all pre-event marketing opportunities to maximize footfall.

  • Guide to the Event: Every exhibition develops a program for visitors. Make sure you’re aware of all the available promotional opportunities, from simple listings to full-page features.
  • Social influence: If you use social media for business, remember to look for event profiles and hashtags that can help promote your presence.
  • Trade names: Check with trade publications 23 months before the event to see if they have a pre-event special edition planned. When they learn about your plans, they may be eager to include you.
  • Website: Distribute an invitation to your network and post a banner on your website indicating your participation. Use everything you have to ensure that your clients know you’ll be there.

Failure to Follow Up on Leads

After all of your hard work, time, and money has gone into putting on a spectacular event, surely the worst mistake of all is failing to capitalize on all of the opportunities you’ve created.

  • Be Prepared: Keep track of information from business cards, scraps of paper, and electronic data you receive at the show using a lead management system. If possible, include notes on how warm the lead is, as well as any other information that will assist you in moving the pitch process forward.
  • Be on Time: Leads should be followed up on within 23 days of the exhibition’s conclusion. You must be able to pick up where you left off while the prospect’s memory of the initial encounter is still fresh.
  • Please be patient: Follow each lead to the end. Depending on your product or service, the majority of new business may come months after the event.

Final Thought

As can be seen, there are numerous common errors that exhibitors make when planning their exhibition stand. You will make mistakes and face challenges whether you are a first-time exhibitor or an experienced exhibitor. Remember that every challenge can be overcome, and you can still have a rewarding exhibitor experience. It’s better to hire leading exhibition stand builders in Dubai to make your expo stand out from everyone.


Welkin events is a leading exhibition stand builder in Dubai. We offer our customers affordable creative exhibition stands, trade show booth designs, booth stalls, mobile display stands, trade fair stands, and 3D stand designs for expos. We provide stunning, best-in-class solutions for the design and fabrication of exhibition stands throughout Dubai and the rest of the Middle East. We take on projects from conception to completion.

  • Design of an exhibition stand outline
  • Fabrication of stands
  • Assembling and disassembling
  • Disposal and recycling
  •  Pre-build guarantee
  • Stand structure
  • Graphics
  • Cabinets, counters, and showcases
  • Lighting
  • Project management and supervision
  • Warehousing to store graphics

Welkin events strive to make your exhibitor experience as easy as possible by anticipating and avoiding problems. Contact us at https://welkinevents.com/ to discuss handling your next exhibition stand.

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