Whether you are arranging an award ceremony to thank your employees for their hard work or to celebrate individuals in your sector for their accomplishments, these events are a terrific way to bring everyone together to express gratitude. This blog will discuss how to organize a spectacular awards presentation. Welkin events are your destination for the best corporate event planner in Dubai.


2022- awards season is now in full swing for many industry sectors. Several organizations gather each year during the fourth quarter to celebrate the finest of the best in their sector. An awards ceremony is a major operation that, like any other event, necessitates substantial planning. Award ceremonies are a great way to recognize experts in your sector for their hard work, dedication, and achievement.

Events in the UAE

The UAE maintains an active calendar all year. Several thousand visitors arrive in the country each year. Global Village is a popular attraction. The United Arab Emirates has many permanent exposition spaces, including the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the Dubai World Trade Centre, and the Expo Centre Sharjah.


Check out the 2022 Awards Calendar


2022 Fact Dining Awards – https://diningawards.factmagazines.com/portfolio/fact-dining-awards-dubai-2022-nominees/


An awards dinner is also an excellent way to gain publicity, create brand recognition, form new connections, and even raise revenue for your company or group.


If you’re thinking about hosting an awards ceremony and want to make a big impression, here’s welkin’s corporate event planner guide and everything you need to know about preparing a great event.

Start planning early:

If you want to organize a fantastic awards event, start planning at least 9-12 months in advance.

A well-executed event is one that is planned for success from start to finish. To plan a great ceremony, you must commit time in advance and consider your end goal. Define clear, realistic, and attainable goals and objectives first. These particulars should include:

Have a planning and execution timeline:

Set the milestones and deadlines required to guarantee your event runs smoothly and successfully.

Collaborate with stakeholders to define the event’s scope, resources needed, deliverables, and the expected timetable for execution.

Make a list of all the tasks that must be done during the execution phase of the planning process. 


Tasks such as booking the caterer and securing the venue can be divided into mini-projects and assigned to stakeholders. Or you can get the help of a corporate event planner in Dubai.

A corporate event planner suggests assessing the market need:

Before you get into the details of organizing an awards ceremony, consider the demand for such an event in your sector or you can get in touch with a professional event planner in Dubai. What additional award ceremonies do you know about in your industry?


When do your competitors’ events take place?


All of these are important aspects to consider before beginning the planning process. It will be difficult to publicize your event if the sector is crowded with several award programs.

Set the budget:

The first step in the planning process is to determine your budget. If you can only afford to host a small gathering, there’s no point in preparing a lavash event.


Your budget should contain key line items such as venue costs, food and beverage, operations, décor, trophies, live entertainment, security, and AV. All of these items can eat into your budget.


You should also consider the marketing expenditures associated with promoting your event. Will you have to pay for advertising to publicize your event? Depending on how many individuals you want to contact, this might become costly.

Organize a planning committee:

It is your responsibility as an event organizer to gather a team of people to assist you in planning your event. As previously stated, organizing an awards ceremony is a large task, and the more assistance you have, the better. Sometimes all of the planning falls on one individual.


Enlisting the assistance of a steering committee of qualified volunteer professionals will reduce your stress and raise the likelihood of your vision becoming a reality. Each committee member should be assigned tasks and responsibilities. An event chair and subcommittees in charge of sponsorships, marketing, and food and beverage should be established.

Secure a location and date:

When choosing a location for your awards ceremony, keep your budget in mind as well as the number of guests you intend to invite. Most industry award presentations take place in affluent and historic settings. This could result in an increase in the budget.

Look for an all-inclusive package that includes on-site catering and AV support. This eliminates the need to hire an outside caterer.

Additionally, ensure that the location has outstanding lighting, ambience, and sound quality.


Choosing a date is just as important as picking a location. Check that the event date does not coincide with a national or religious holiday. Check to see what other industry events are scheduled for the same month. If people have to travel a long distance to attend, they are unlikely to attend two industry events in the same month. Usually, a corporate event planner will have a database about the locations and available dates for such events. You can get help from them as well.

Select award categories:

The main reason to hold an awards ceremony is to recognize award recipients for their achievements. Determine which categories you wish to award in before the nomination process begins. Keep in mind that the more categories you have, the longer the event will last.

Limit the presentation to 1.5 to 2 hours to save your audience from a boring and mundane awards ceremony. Determine whether or not award recipients will be permitted to give acceptance remarks.


If you go this way, keep speeches to three minutes to prevent going over time. A corporate event planner will help you with the content, making presentations and also make the event lively with their professional strategy.

Align with a media partner:

If you want to get media attention for your event, host the ceremony with an industry-leading journal.


As part of the collaboration, the magazine or newspaper could print a feature article and a list of the prize winners. This will strengthen your brand’s standing as an industry thought leader. A corporate event planner can provide you with a media partner with a good budget.

In conclusion:

There is a lot to consider while preparing for an awards ceremony, but you now have a good idea of what procedures to take


“Remember that your ultimate goal is to make this a fantastic experience for the award recipients and everyone attending to support them.”


This is also an excellent opportunity to improve brand awareness while also celebrating everyone in attendance.


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