The Event Brew crew is handling a complicated subject today; a point most event planners have pondered over the most recent two years. Now is the right time to discuss crowd commitment on occasion stages. When it comes to using event technology to increase audience engagement, event professionals are divided. Some swear by it, while others believe that technology alone will get the crowd going and still others avoid it at all costs, refusing to adapt to the breakneck pace of change. But with our welkin event, one of the leading event management companies in Dubai, nothing is impossible. 

We understand the importance of brand experiences and can assist you in engaging your attendees to make every minute count. Welkin Events, one of the leading event management companies in Dubai, can help you achieve your goals whether they are to empower your sales force, amplify your message, or celebrate individuals within your organization. From strategy to event execution, we create personalized experiences that meet your goals.

Using Event Platforms Wisely is Important

Begin to share our perspectives on audience engagement on event platforms. The event platform is just one of many components that must work together to create genuine audience engagement. Having a great platform is essential, as are all of the other tools.

Event management companies in Dubai are your partners, and their products are tools. However, if the event design is poor, the tool is useless. It is difficult to hold an engaging event if the platform is inadequate. Audience engagement at in-person events can occur despite poor design because people want it. However, it takes a little more effort in digital format.

Event Technology is The Link Between an Event and Content 

Following up, Will asks the Brew Crew whether they have at any point been to an occasion with a horrendous occasion innovation experience that has in any case established an extraordinary connection with them.

At the point when you’re at in-person occasions, it is extremely simple to move around occasion innovation. On the off chance that the innovation isn’t essential to you making associations and having the option to arrange, then, at that point, the innovation doesn’t make any difference.

It is Different from other Events to Hold Virtual Ones

Virtual occasions, notwithstanding, are an alternate matter. If the innovation bombs you during a virtual occasion, there is no way to work around that. Innovation is significantly seriously lenient face to face. Assuming that the sound is terrible, you can draw nearer to the stage or reposition yourself. However, on the web, you’re stuck helpless before whoever’s running the occasion, Dustin adds.

Furthermore, one of the organizers said it would’ve been a lot more straightforward to explore when we should get together on the off chance that there was an occasion application, yet it didn’t destroy fundamentally the experience.

Scratch was as of late at a virtual occasion how something veered off-track with the transmission, which transformed the occasion into a simple assortment of content. The occasion coordinators messaged everyone and let us know that we can watch the substance on request. So I contemplated internally: ‘I’ll watch those meetings sometime in the not-so-distant future. It was anything but an occasion.

In the case of something prerecorded, I generally share with myself that I’ll watch it later, however, I never do, concedes Thuy. It would be good to have a watch party with the featured discussion and a schedule welcome.

Use the Flipped Classroom Model

So, how do you get audience engagement to work on event platforms? How can we ensure that the audience isn’t simply scrolling through a collection of content?

The flip classroom model increases audience engagement on event platforms. Give people the content ahead of time and invite them to the event to discuss it. Let us become active participants and hold discussions. The event management companies in Dubai could do an incredible job of executing the content distribution in a variety of ways that truly let the content be the content.  Decouple content distribution from audience engagement. But we’re attempting to do both on virtual platforms at the same time. The main issue is that you’re asking people to engage, chat, listen, and take notes all at once. It’s excessive.

After all, we are not networking and listening to sessions at the same time as in-person events. So, why are virtual attendees expected to use the chat so frequently, say, while a keynote speaker is speaking? Some of the event management companies in Dubai working on virtual platforms suffer from the fact that they try to do it all in a big mash. In-person suffer from the fact that they had to cram it all back to back because you have to fly someone out for three days

Determine Which Features your Platform Requires

Not every event platform is appropriate for every type of event. It is critical to consider your event objectives and determine which features your platform requires. If you require more features than a simple Zoom call, you look for something else. There are numerous kinds of online events. There’s the training session, the all-day conference, and the webinar. It is simpler for us to determine which technology is best suited for each of them. A one-hour webinar does not require all of the features that an all-day educational event will require. If you want to help you in your virtual events you can consider welkin events management company in Dubai. 

Instead of attempting to target everyone, event platform marketers should explain which audience their platform is best suited for. They put so much pressure on everyone as if every video call has to be extravagant, and interactive, with games and bells and whistles and apple pie coming out of your computer.

When I get an invite to a meeting, we are relieved to see that it is on Zoom, the ever-so-relatable. I’d rather participate in a Zoom call than learn new features and configure my avatar every time. It’s exciting at times, but not all of the time.

We Have to Keep Exploring Crowd Engagement On Event Platforms 

To summarise, we should not stop researching new event technology solutions. The technology will only improve, and as long as there is a market for it, they will continue to develop it. Let’s not get too hung up on the one platform that got us through COVID.

Remember, design comes first, and tools come second. Look for event platforms that fit your event goals rather than trying to design your event to fit a specific event platform. Don’t make your design conform to the platform you’re using.

What about you? Do you cringe when your next virtual meeting isn’t in Zoom? Or, like Will, do you enjoy experimenting with new software solutions to keep events interesting? Everyone is interested in learning about how other event professionals approach event design, audience engagement, and event technology.


How do you create the perfect event equation? Whether virtual, hybrid or in-person, our team at Welkin Events, one of the leading event management companies in Dubai our team knows exactly what it takes to create a flawless, exciting experience. We are a full-service event management company that can assist you in planning, designing, executing, analyzing, and exceeding your expectations for your next event.

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